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We coach and transform sales organizations and brands to go from good to great! And from great to World Class!
In today’s and tomorrow’s retail environment, Representatives of brands must act in a way that is consultative and focused on the long-term strategic models versus shorter-term and relationship-focused approaches.
Eric Franco 2

Eric Franco

I’m passionate about people, brands, and how those intersect to create magic partnerships and sustained badass business results. I have over 25 years of unique experience(s) in the Adult Beverage industry. I’ve been a bar/tavern owner/operator, a sales leader responsible for forging strategic partnerships with the largest U.S. chain accounts (Off and On-Premise), and managed over 25 countries in the Caribbean for Domestic and Global brands.

I like a little heavy metal. Reposado Tequila is my beverage of choice. I’m a forever futbolista and I love traveling abroad! YNWA

Chris Lussow

Chris Lussow

A brand first creative leader who has spent 30 years merging brand strategy with the needs of local sales forces. Making brands relevant is my jam. Personally I’m a midwest kid who fell in love with the Rocky Mountain life a long time ago but still believes the Bears are gonna win it all again real soon!

Jeff Kintzel

Jeff Kintzel

After studying art back east, I found my home in Colorado for the lifestyle, skiing, and beer scene. While I’m passionate about the design craft, I really love developing a brand with the people who live it and to see it come to life.

Jason Coble

Jason Coble

I’ve worn many hats – web designer, strategist, brand manager, sales, and retail store owner – and understand what it takes to bring a brand to life. I love the outdoor lifestyle, and my home of Colorado spoils me every day in that regard. My sport of choice is cyclocross (think road bike with knobby tires, riding on dirt and in fields) and drinking a cold beer or Paloma after the ride.

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By partnering together, we have that opportunity to simply tweak the dial, validate your direction and thinking, to provide clear and concise ways to improve oneself or one of your brand(s). OR we also can come together to look over the horizon and help formulate a plan or help provide tools by which your people and your brands evolve beyond expectations. 

Our passion is a partnership and forming bonds over making those great moments happen together…Let’s connect and show you how.

Think big, be bold & make a difference with loud & fantastic energy
– The RAYO Team