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   First never follows!   

Based on our 6-Pack Mantra, this course fully prepares your team/team members to over-deliver against today’s and tomorrow’s retailer’s needs.

All training/sessions will be customized and aligned to your objectives as a sales organization.

Training can be team based or 1-to-1 mentorship.

Curriculum customized to specific responsibilities by role.

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   The winners are the ones who are betting BIG!   

Developing Strategic Chain partnerships and subsequent business has never been more important. This offering ID’s your partnership and approach and is customized to enhance your team-members alignment to the chain/customer as well as how to evolve and maximize the all-needed results.

We also offer coaching and training for team-members who are looking to advance their careers or position within the organization. Want to prep someone for their next role, we can help.

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Strategic planning:channel & class of trade

   The only constant is change!   

We have a strong background in developing strategies and tactics for both channels and all Class of Trade (to include Military, Concessions, and eCommerce); brand positioning, pricing strategies, SKU segmentation, etc.

We assist brands and organizations advance their thinking by 
Channel and COT.

We can help validate your current plan and approach and assist in developing new ones.

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   Be confident, be authentic & stand out.   

How well does your team know your brand’s identity and the core brand assets they have available? These foundational pieces are the best tools you have in your arsenal to differentiate your brand at retail, but they are often under-utilized. We’ll start with an interactive review of real-world case examples from brands that have done it well and those who have crashed and burned. We’ll immerse your team in all the facets of your existing brand ID and help identify how best to use your assets as building blocks for sustained differentiation and increased retail success.

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Category management training

   Be confident, be authentic & stand out.   

We help brands and organizations turn insights into actionable action steps.

We offer full brand analysis based on your data set and information; all aligned to your goals and objectives. Let us validate your approach or provide you “turn-key” insights to help maximize your time between then marketing and sales for incremental results.

We also offer team or individual training on cat management philosophies relevant to today’s retail environment. Give your team a refresh or a better understanding of how to make better decisions when approaching business.

Think big, be bold & make a difference with loud & fantastic energy
– The RAYO Team